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Special painted visitors at Dresden Airport in darkness

Eurowings operated in the last 10 days two times on the evening flight from Dusselsdorf and back with special painted Airbus A320-214. On the 8th of September arrived D-AEWS with advertising livery for "AVIS Car rentals". In the following week Eurowings special painted "Europa Park" on the registrated Airbus A320 D-ABDQ arrived also on the evening rotation from/to Dusseldorf.

D-ABDQ/ Eurowings / A320-214

DRS 18.09.2020

D-ABDQ/ Eurowings / A320-214

DRS 18.09.2020

D-AEWS / Eurowings / A320-214

DRS 08.09.2020

Another rare visitor was SundAir with special painted "Katta macht Urlaub" on D-ANNA. Normally this aircraft with the registration "D-ANNA" is based at Bremen Airport. Due the low pax load on holiday flights during Corona crisis SundAir made a special rotation to Kos from Bremen via Dresden and back (BRE-DRS-KGS-DRS-BRE).

D-ANNA/ SundAir / A320-214

DRS 13.09.2020

All photos are Copryright by Rogosz Photography


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