Last Update: 01.11.2020

Copenhagen Kastrup (CPH)

27./29. September 2020

Last Update: 16.03.2019

Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW)

27./29. September 2020

Liege Bierst (LGG)

13. September 2020

Luxemburg (LUX)

12./14. September 2020

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS)

05.-18. July 2020

YL-CSK, Air Baltic, A220-300
PH-HSI, Transavia, B737-800
N2251U, United Airlines, B777-300
N509DN, Delta Airlines, A350-900
B-2078, China Cargo, B777-F
4L-TGC, Georgien Airways, B737-800
PH-BVF, KLM, B777-300
PH-AKE, KLM, A330-300
PH-CDE, Corendon Dutch Airlines, B737-800
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9M-MUD, MasKargo, A330-200F
EW-457PA, Belavia, B737-800
N825NW, Delta Airlines, A330-300
SX-NEA, Aegean Airlines, A320-200N
PH-BKC, KLM, B787-10
EI-IMC, Alitalia, A319-100
PH-BQG, KLM, B777-200
B-16737, EVA Air, B777-300
B-18901, China Airlines, A350-900
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TC-JFG, Anadolu Jet, B737-800
N2251U, United Airlines, B777-300
YL-CSJ, Air Baltic, A220-300
HL8251, Korean Air Cargo, B777-F
EW-438PA, Belavia, B737-800
A7-BGB, Qatar Cargo, B747-8F
VP-BJP, Nordwind Airlines, B777-300
PH-BFW, KLM, B747-400
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Miami International Airport (MIA)

18.-24. January 2020

N284AV, Avianca, A320-200
N351CM, StratAir, B767-300F
N379CX, Northern Air Cargo, B767-300F
LV-GKO, Aerolineas Argentineas, A330-200
N411AV, Avianca, A320-200
CC-CZZ, LAN Cargo, B767-300F
N915NN, American Airlines, B737-800
N991FL, IFL Group, CV580
N716FR, Frontier, A321-200
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XA-NBA, Interjet, A320-200
VP-CKZ, Cayman Airways, B737-300
PZ-TCT, Surinam Airways, B737-700
N802TJ, Swiftair, B737-400
N37267, United Airlines, B737-800
N804WA, World Atlantic Airways, MD83
XA-UZX, Aeronaves TSM, MD83SF
N17126, United Airlines, B757-200
SE-REH, SAS, A330-300
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N631BC, IBC Airways, SB340F
N751AV, Avianca, A319-100
N842UA, United Airlines, A319-100
CP-2880, Boliviana, B767-300
N791AN, American Airlines, B777-200ER
N765CK, Kalitta Air, B767-300F
N184AN, American Airlines, B757-200
CC-CXC, LATAM Airlines, B767-300
N768AA, American Airlines, B777-200ER
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N606AE, American Eagle, EMB145
N351FL, IFL Group, CV5800
N378NW, Delta Airlines, A320-200
N738MA,Miami Air, B737-800
G-CIVM, British Airways, B747-400
N546JN, Western Global, MD11F
N917NN, American Airlines, B737-800
PH-MPS, Martinair Cargo, B747-400F
CC-BBG, LAN Chile, B787-8
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XA-LFR, Aero Union, A300-600F
CS-TUB, TAP Air Portugal, A330-900
PR-ABB, ABSA Cargo, B767-300F
4X-EDD, El Al, B787-9
PR-ACO, TAM Cargo, B767-300F
EI-GGP, Air Italy, A330-200
EI-EJJ, Alitalia, A330-200
N545JN, Western Global, MD11F
N311FR, Frontier, A320-200N
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