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Franz Joseph Strauß (MUC)


15.-17. Febuary 2019

SU-GGG, Egypt - Government, A340-200
A7-AAH, Qatar Amiri Flight, A340-300
A7-HBJ, Qatar Amiri Flight, B747-8
OE-IQD, Eurowings Europe, A320-200
UP-A2001 Kazakhstan - Government A320-200
B-2006, Air China, B777-300
A7-HHJ, Qatar Amiri Flight, A319-100CJ
9K-AKH, Kuwait Airways, A320-200
75-0125, US Air Force, E-4B
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4X-EMA, Arkia, Embrear 195
SX-DVU, Aegean Airlines, A320-200
SU-GEH, Egpyt Air, B737-800
VQ-BGV, S7 Airlines, B737-MAX8
0002, Poland - Air Force, Gulfstream 650
OM-BYB,Slovak Republic, Fokker 100
910502, United States - US Navy, FA228 Metro23
ZE701, Royal Air Force (UK), BAe146
YU-SRB, Serbia - Government, EMB135L
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TS-IOK, Tunisair, B737-600
YR-BGF, Tarom, B737-700
G-RJXE, BMI Regional, Embrear 145
HZ-ASA, Saudia Arabian Airlines, A320-200
VQ-BQI, S7 Airlines, A321-200
14+01, German Air Force, Global700
N8833, 650 Holdings LLC, Gulfstream 650
LZ-OOI, Bulgaria - Government, DS2000
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9H-AEO, Air Malta, A320-200
A6-EEA, Emirates, A380-800
RA-10204, Jet Air Group, Gulfstream 650
OE-LBZ Austrian Airlines A320
EI-DSW, Alitalia, A320-200
G-UZHA, EasyJet, A320-200N
5A-OND, Afriqiyah Airways, A319-100
D-AXGA, Eurowings, A332-200
EI-DEO, Aer Lingus, A320-200
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T-785, Switzerland Air Force, DS900EX
G-RJXP, BMI Regional, Embrear 135
VP-BBT, Rossiya, A319-100
I-ADJK, Air Dolomiti, Embrear 195
I-ADJU, Air Dolomiti, Embrear 195
D-AIKB, Lufthansa, A330-300
165830, US Army, C-40A
D-AIMB, Lufthansa, A380-800
VP-BOG, S7 Airlines, A320-200
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Christiano Ronaldo Airport (FNC)


01.-08. February 2019

EC-LGF, Binter Canarias, ATR72-500
D-AICE, Condor, A320-200
CS-TNU, TAP Air Portugal, A320-200
G-UZHI, EasyJet, A320-200N
EI-FVL, Norwegian, B737-800
G-JZBF, Jet2, B737-800
CS-TJJ, TAP Air Portugal, A321-200N
SP-ENX, Enter Air, B737-800
D-AIAF, Condor, A321-200
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LN-BKF, Norwegian, B737-MAX8
OK-SWD, Smartwings, B737-MAX8
SE-RKB, Novair, A321-200N
EC-MAF, Swift Air, ATR72-500F
G-OOBN, Thomson Airways, B757-200
OY-VKD, Thomas Cook Skandinavia, A321-200
CS-TRE, SATA Air Acores, Dash8-400
D-ASUN, Tuifly, B737-800
HB-IJU, Edelweiss Air, A320-200
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EC-MTJ, Thomas Cook Balearics, A320-200
F-HTVF, Transavia France, B737-800
EC-KYI, Binter Canarias, ATR72-500
D-ASTR, Germania, A319-100 (Last flight)
D-AIDB, Lufthansa, A321-200
G-JZBN, Jet2, B737-800
CS-TRE, SATA Air Acores, Dash8-400
SP-ENX, Enter Air, B737-800
D-AGWO, Eurowings, A319-100
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CS-TTO, TAP Air Portugal, A319-100
CS-TJE, TAP Air Portugal, A321-200
G-EZTH, EasyJet, A320-200
LY-VEB, Avion Express, A320-200
Condor at FNC
F-HBAL, Aigle Azur, A319-100
G-EZOF, EasyJet, A320-200
CS-TTM, TAP Air Portugal, A319-100
EC-KGJ, Binter Canarias, ATR72-500
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Berlin Tegel (TXL)

20. January 2019

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