Airbus factory Finkenwerder visit for two days

Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport (IATA: XFW, ICAO: EDHI) is a private airport in the Finkenwerder quarter of southwest Hamburg, Germany. It is an integral part of the Hamburg Finkenwerder plant of Airbus and is exclusively used by them for corporate, freight, test and delivery flights, including the Airbus A380.The Airbus site at Finkenwerder is the main operations centre for Airbus Operations GmbH and employs around 15,000 people. The Hamburg factory manufactures and equips the forward and rear fuselage sections of the A330 and A350 XWB, as well as carrying out structural assembly and equipment fitting-out of the forward and complete rear fuselage sections for the A380. These sections are then shipped to France on a specially built ferry, for final assembly in Toulouse. Final assembly is carried out for all models of the A320 family, and both the A320 and A380 are fitted with their cabin interiors and painted for final delivery. A large global spares centre is also maintained, holding some 120,000 parts, as well as A320 series maintenance training facilities.

Finished A380s for customers in Europe and the Middle East are returned to Finkenwerder for final acceptance and delivery. The airport forms an integral part of these manufacturing operations. here are no public scheduled services at Finkenwerder. Between April 2006 and July 2007, the runway was extended at the southern end, increasing its length from 2,684 m to 3,183 m, in order to accommodate the planned freight version of the Airbus A380. The airport handles around 8 to 12 aircraft movements per day. Most are transfer, freight, and test flights for Airbus manufacturing. The twice-daily corporate shuttle service to the Airbus plant in Toulouse is operated by the Spanish operator Volotea since 4 November 2019 on a five year contract. Previously the service was operated by Germania.

All photo Copyright by Rogosz Photography - September 2020

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