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First Airbus 330-300P2F shortly before delivery flight

"Elbe Flugzeugwerke" (EFW) start next P2F-Version. DHL becomes first customer of the A330-300"P2F". "Passenger to Freighter" Airbus briefly calls the conversion program of used passenger aircraft in freighters. The Elbe Flugzeugwerke (EFW) from Dresden announced in Farnborough on Wednesday the starting signal for the next version A330-300P2F. Airbus A330-300P2F transporter DHL contract signing With support from Singapore, Elbe Flugzeugwerke in Dresden is now also converting used Airbus A330-300 passenger aircraft to freighters. DHL ordered the first four aircraft. A joint subsidiary of ST Aerospace and the Airbus Group, announced on Wednesday the first conversion order for the A330-300 in freighters. DHL Express ordered the conversion of four aircraft to be delivered by the end of 2017. The first aircraft has been in the rebuilding dock in Dresden since this week. In Dresden, three positions for the A330 conversion work are being prepared step by step. The A330-300P2F transporter gets a completely new floor in the main deck with cargo loading system and a large, side cargo door. After that, the two-blaster can transport 26 pallets with up to 61 tons of freight. In addition, DHL has many aircraft systems completely overhauled and set back to "zero hours". In the two-man cockpit, avionics will be modernized with "Electronic Flight Bags" according to the DHL standard, among other things. The delivery flight of the EI-HEA to Dublin (DUB) is currently delayed on Monday, 04.12.2017.

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